Raleigh Hager: Bringing the Style

“It's all about style!” - and that phrase is heard all over and in more than a few languages. You can be good, and you can be equal to others that are good...but style, now that's what makes our jaws drop and keeps our eyes glued. Sometimes style is determined by the aggressive level shown, sometimes it is more about how smooth and focused movements are made from one to another, and when we get lucky is when you see the combination of focused smooth aggression. Usually “sick” is the term that has replaced “wow” - but no matter what the word used, we are all usually fully...


Raleigh Hager moves to Blusurf with shaper Jonathan Mathews

KIRKLAND, WA – February 26, 2016 – Wake Surf Board industry veteran Jonathan Matthews has started a new custom performance wake surf board company: Blusurf based in Kirkland, Washington. Blusurf was founded with the mission to build the finest handcrafted sustainable wake surf boards.

"I've been fortunate to shape boards for champion riders like two-time World Champion Raleigh Hager, World Champion Jake Breedlove and National Champion Parker Payne and I am passionate about building amazing custom boards for those who appreciate...


Austin Monthly Whiz Kids: Raleigh Hager

When Raleigh Hager competed as a 10-year-old against seasoned professionals in the Women’s Pro Wakesurf circuit in 2012, she garnered a lot of dubious attention. “I definitely remember getting some weird looks,” Hager says. “A few people asked if I was looking for the amateurs.” Three years later, the two-time wakesurfing world champion and Westlake seventh grader is surprisingly humble in spite of her head-turning ascent and seems reluctant to list her accomplishments. She’d rather let her surfing do the talking. She’s known for her fluid, natural style and “big air” aerial jumps,...


Covert Ford announces Raleigh Hager sponsorship

Covert Ford of Austin Tx is proud to announce their sponsorship of two-time Women's World Champion, 12-Year old wakesurfer, Raleigh Hager.

“It has been amazing and a thrill to watch Raleigh’s progression and the attention she has brought to wakesurfing in Austin”, said Kenny Covert. “My family grew up boating on Texas lakes, having the right tow vehicle can make all the difference. It will be no time at all before Raleigh is behind the wheel. We’re happy to give our support to Raleigh and wakesurfing.”

Raleigh has been on the rise in...


Raleigh Hager signs with DAY1 Wake

DAY1 Wake is very pleased to announce the addition of reigning 2-time Women’s World Champion Raleigh Hager to their 2014 Wakesurf Team. In the last few years Raleigh has captured the minds and hearts of wakesurfing fans and competitors alike. Working with Raleigh during the off-season, DAY1 Wake was able to dial in a winning board design while familiarizing the Hager family with their brand and philosophy that motivates people to improve on a daily basis. DAY Wake is honored to contribute to Raleigh’s future success as an accomplished athlete, on and off the water.

“Over the...


Just Don't Call It Wakeboarding

It's a perfect Austin afternoon; we walk the dock between Hula Hut and Abel's on the Lake just a hop, skiff, and a puddle jump from Tom Miller Dam. Leigh Fulkerson gently pulls up in her Super Air Nautique G23, a boat the sales brochures say was "created from the wake up." The boat is all-sinew, built for speed, power, and a nuanced agility to turn lake water into consistent wake surf.

Fulkerson – pals with J.B. Hager, best known as half of the Austin morning radio team J.B. & Sandy – has offered to pilot her craft so we might catch J.B.'s daughter – the women's world...


Raleigh by the Numbers

12) Pro wakesurfer Raleigh Hager's current age

11 ... or 10) Number of pets, including Fergus the pig and her horde of gerbils

9) Her age when she switched to all wakesurfing

8) Current number of first-place titles

7) Current number of professional sponsorship contracts

6) Number of states in which she has podium'd

5) Her age when she first tried surfing

4) The grade she was in when she began competing locally

3) The rank she earned at her first Austin competition in 2011: the Sail & Ski Barrel Boss, Junior Division

2) Current...


Local wakesurf phenom Raleigh Hager acclimates to life at the top of the podium

Raleigh Hager has been wakesurfing Lake Austin – or as she hashtags it, #LATX – for the past four years. A two-time women's world champion with eight other first-place titles under her belt, Hager is kind of a big deal, not only in the sport but also as an emergent, bona fide, locally sourced Austin celebrity.

Did we mention she's 12?

Hager won her first championship at the age of 10 and has been winning ever since. With as many wins as she's accomplished, the Hill Country Middle School sixth-grader has also earned a number of wakesurf sponsors, including Day1 Wake...


Centurion Boats Signs 12 Year Old Women's World Champion

Merced, CA May 16th, 2014; Centurion Boats is proud to announce Raleigh Hager as the newest member of the Centurion professional wake surfing team. At just 12 years of age, Raleigh Hager is the youngest Women’s World Wake Surfing Champion who has won the feat twice now. An accomplished wake surfer from Lake Austin, Texas, she becomes Centurion’s youngest team member joining other World Champions, Bri Chmel, Drew Danielo, Adam Fields and Keenan Flegel on the Centurion World Champions Team.

Raleigh said, “The FX44 wake is very steep, long and clean which allows me to do great...


Austin Fit Magazine. Kids who measure up. Dec 2013

Austin’s wake surfing champ

By Emily Laskowski

When Raleigh Hager was 10 years old, she won her first world championship in wake surfing, and AFM sat down for a chat with the young pro athlete (“10-year-old Rules Wake Surfing World,” December 2012). Now, Hager, 12 years old and in middle school, won her second consecutive Pro Women’s World Wake Surfing Championship in October 2013 and we’re back for another visit.

Raleigh Hager may be a phenom in wake surfing but, at home, she’s just Raleigh, a typical kid.

With the support of her parents, Erin and JB, and...


Austin American Statesman. Surfer wins championship for a second time

When 11-year-old Raleigh Hager went to the Pro Women’s World Wake Surfing Championship, there were monitors everywhere and a jumbo-tron for those watching on the shore of a private lake just outside Las Vegas. But Hager, of West Lake Hills, didn’t see any of that. It was just her, her board and a few judges in a boat creating the wake she rode. “She just goes out there and has fun,” said her dad, JB Hager. “She’s very removed from the judging while all the parents are analyzing everything.” “When I’m up (on the wave), I don’t think of anything,” the 11-year-old said. “When I fall, I...


Austin 360. Raleigh Hager wins another World Title

Can we call it a dynasty yet? Austin wake surfing phenom Raleigh Hager, the 11-year-old daughter of JB and Erin Hager (yes, JB of the JB & Sandy Show on radio station Mix 94.7), chalked up her second victory in two years at the 2013 World Wake Surfing Championship. That makes her the two-time reigning Pro-Women's World Wake Surfing Champ. And she's half as old as most of her competition. A hundred athletes from around the world competed for $100,000 in prizes at the tournament, held on a private lake near Las Vegas in late September. Riders had to earn a spot in the invitational...


Austin Woman Magazine. Young Women to Watch Issue

2012 Women’s Pro Wakesurf Champion Raleigh Hager is knocking out the competition.

By Tamsyn Stonebarger

“There’s nothing wrong with falling,” surfer Raleigh Hager says as she gets back on her hot-pink wakeboard, with Bob Marley playing on the boat. It seems like a typical thing for a world champion wakeboard surfer to say, but seeing as she’s 11 years old, it really leaves an impression. At the age of eight, when Hager was just beginning to learn how to drop the rope and ride the wake, her natural talent caught the eye of her now coach and board shaper, Billy Clark. Clark...


June 2013 Austin Am Stateman Interview "Making Waves"

World champion wake surfer and West Lake Hills resident Raleigh Hager has brought home victories from Mexico, Switzerland and Arizona this May and June, and she’s not planning on slowing down.

Eleven-year-old Raleigh, who has only been competing at the pro women’s level for a year and a half, sees world domination as her goal. She plans to win the World Championships of wake surfing in Las Vegas again this year, and as many years after that as she can, she said.

“I like the feeling of landing a big trick, like a reverse 360 or something,” Raleigh said. “[I feel] happy,...


Boarders Magazine Interview 2013. Product Issue

What separates your board from the competition?

I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but my board is very light, more like an ocean board. The fins are huge, it’s an original shape.

What is the big difference between a custom board and a manufactured board?

I have a hard time riding a manufactured board. Manufactured boards are are thinner, but heavier. They aren’t as maneuverable. With a custom you can decide the thickness, the size, really choose what it looks like. When you get it, it feels so great. They are super light and I like riding bigger...


Girl on a Board Interview. March 2013

Austin, Texas native Raleigh Hager's got it goin on - big time. At the ripe old age of only 11, she's the reigning Women's World Wakesurfing Champion and we had the pleasure of interviewing her recently about this burgeoning action sport. Besides the obvious super coolness of getting to interview the world champ, what's extra rad about this is the fact that we here at GOAB have never done anything related to wakesurfing at all! So this is a first all around!

Admittedly, we didn't know a whole heck of a lot about the sport of...


Feature. Austin Fit Magazine Dec 2012

Austin Fit Magazine. December 2012

When she sits down for her interview, Raleigh Hager doesn't respond to most of the questions directly. Rather, she turns back to her mom first, as if she's looking for some sort of approval for what she's about to say. Or, as likely, she's double checking what she's actually supposed to be doing here. Because she's only ten it's hard to fault her for not fully embracing the situation. Since when are pint-sized fifth...


Water Ski Magazine

Representing Austin, Texas; Raleigh Hager absolutely blew the crowd away with her aerials with an extremely high degree of air and amplitude. Determined to take home her share of $40,000 in the Women’s Pro Surf she decorated her finals pass with a backside suface rotation, a variety of grabs and closed her run with a series of air 180′s to take home her first World Wake Surfing Championship. At only 10 years of age, Raleigh earned $6,000 becoming the World Champion against competitors that were more than double her age!


Featured in the Sept 17th 2012 Austin American Statesman

Local pro, 10, will compete with the big girls this weekend By Pam LeBlanc

Turns out you don't need an ocean full of waves spit out by Mother Nature to hang 10 when you've got a lake and a boat.

Surfing in Central Texas even boasts some advantages over more traditional meccas: No sticky salt water, skin-shredding coral reefs or men in gray suits, otherwise known as sharks. Factor in plenty of easy lake access and warm weather, and voila — Austin's becoming a Hill Country Honolulu.

"Our scene crushes everybody else," says Billy Clark, who teaches lessons through...


Surf's Up! - July 3, 2012

In the Westlake Picayune. Written by Esther Robards-Forbes.


Weekend Highlights, Photos are UP, and the Hager Bottom Turn

On by ragboy.

"She is tiny, cute, and that board is small, but she rocks it," he says.


2012 West Coast Open

Photo album from the Open Women Pro Surf Final's division in Sacramento, CA, where Raleigh won 3rd place.


2011 Sail & Ski Barrel Boss Wakesurf Contest

Raleigh won third in the junior division at the 2011 Barrel Boss Contest in Austin.


The Results are in from the 2012 West Coast Wakesurf Open

Posted May 2012 on after Raleigh won third in Women's Pro Surf in Sacramento, CA.