Raleigh Hager signs with DAY1 Wake

DAY1 Wake is very pleased to announce the addition of reigning 2-time Women’s World Champion Raleigh Hager to their 2014 Wakesurf Team. In the last few years Raleigh has captured the minds and hearts of wakesurfing fans and competitors alike. Working with Raleigh during the off-season, DAY1 Wake was able to dial in a winning board design while familiarizing the Hager family with their brand and philosophy that motivates people to improve on a daily basis. DAY Wake is honored to contribute to Raleigh’s future success as an accomplished athlete, on and off the water.

“Over the last year we have focused on growing the awareness of the sport, advancing our board designs, and solidifying our team. The addition of Raleigh is really a capstone to this effort that allows the company, team, and the larger community of riders to continue moving in a very positive direction – pushing our potential on a daily basis,” says Bryce McDonald, co-founder of DAY1 Wake.

“I tried out several boards before making my decision, and I chose Day 1 because their board allowed me to ride my best. It’s fast, loose and allows me to get big airs. Bryce and Jonathan are really nice too.” said Raleigh Hager.

2014 started strong with Raleigh’s first win of the season at the Supreme Wakesurf Championship on her DAY1 Wake pro-model board the “Phenom.” The Phenom will be available for purchase in early May. For more company news, team announcements, and product information, visit www.Day1Wake.com.

About DAY1 Wake:

DAY1 Wake, located in Kirkland Washington, is a wakesurf manufacturing company specializing in hand-made custom wakesurf boards, built completely in America. Founded on the notion that people should live each day as though it is their first, with enthusiasm and motivation to accomplish their goals one day at a time, this ethic is realized in watersports through the construction of high-quality wakesurfers that meet the needs of all riders, novice to expert, young to old, large to small. Live in opportunity. Today is DAY1.