Boarders Magazine Interview 2013. Product Issue

What separates your board from the competition?

I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but my board is very light, more like an ocean board. The fins are huge, it’s an original shape.

What is the big difference between a custom board and a manufactured board?

I have a hard time riding a manufactured board. Manufactured boards are are thinner, but heavier. They aren’t as maneuverable. With a custom you can decide the thickness, the size, really choose what it looks like. When you get it, it feels so great. They are super light and I like riding bigger fins.

Why is a custom board so important in wakesurfing competitions?

With a custom board, I’m able to control it much better. You’re the one who decided how it is. It’s more fun at a competition if people ask where you got it. If it’s manufactured you’re just like “Oh, I got it from a factory or something like that”. With a custom board, you could be like “I got it from this really cool custom guy in Jamaica or something like that (laugh). No, It’s cool that it’s hand shaped with the best materials. It’s just better for me

What can you do on a custom board as opposed to other boards?

On my board I can get huge airs because it’s so light. It has big fins that help me pump and help me control the board. My board is actually very loose, but the big fins help me with it. I just like to have more control without forcing it.

When I first rode a custom I couldn’t even stand up on it. After I adjusted to it, it’s the best board I’ve ever ridden in my life. It takes more time to learn to ride a custom. It’s good to start out with a manufactured board then go to a good custom when you are ready.

What about fins? Can you tell a difference between regular fins and high performance ones?

I used to ride the basic ones that came with the board. I wasn’t really looking for cool fins. Now I ride these great FCS Fins. I am trying Bamboo one’s right now. On some the flex is different. It’s amazing what a big difference half an inch in size can make. You don’t know until you try it. The performance fins help with airs. I really like the cool, great fins, not to mention they are cooler looking too.