The summer Raleigh was 5, she learned how to surf on a summer trip to California.

OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS, she kept at it with her family on their vacations to the West Coast and on weekend trips to the Gulf of Mexico closer to their home of Austin, Texas. Then, in 2010, when she was 8, she started wakesurfing on Lake Austin. Pretty soon, she was hooked. She started to launch into local competitions (taking first place at Waketoberfest 2011 in Canyon Lake) and take on some awesome sponsors.

In 2012, she decided to venture into the pro world, competing at the national level against women twice her age. She placed third at West Coast Open in Women's Pro Surf and third atNational Championships in Women's Pro Surf. Those events qualified her World's in Parker, Arizona in September 2012.

Raleigh was the last seed on the first day of the World Championships. Raleigh surprised everyone will a killer run on the last day and won the title of 2012 Women's Pro Wakesurf World Champion.

In 2013 Raleigh continued into her second season in Pro Women's Surf. She made the podium at all her events including 1st at West Coast Open, Mexico Championships, Arizona Championships, The 10,000 Lakes Open, The U.S. National Championships. She repeated for 2013 by becoming the 2x Women's Pro Surf Style World Champion.

Raleigh is an animal lover and has two dogs and a pet pig named Fergus that she won on a wager with her dad, which was that she could get one if she got on the podium at Worlds.

She's also a big fan of music, collecting vinyl, and riding her skateboard.

Raleigh turned 15 in November 2016

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